Current COVID-19 world wide status, gathered from ECDC, WHO and Wikipedia (once per day)


Since everyone and their grandma started writing one of these, I thought I'd give it a go too. However, since I love overengineering things, it comes with some extra tricks up its sleeve:

  • It's a PWA - runs offline, is hopefully fast etc.
  • It's a static page - it doesn't communicate with any servers for any of it's significant features. The reverse geocoding search is one, but that only pings OpenStreetMap for a country name to show you the local data. It doesn't track you or anything, we're not trying to be creepy here :) Also, it's very much FOSS, so please, have a look yourself - https://github.com/DBozhinovski/rona.darko.io
  • By the magic of Netlify and some automation via n8n, it's updated once a day, at 16:00 GMT+1 for the latest data.
  • It crawls / parses / reads data from multiple sources - currently Wikipedia, ECDC and WHO - UPDATE: WHO changed their reports (again), so I'm not going to use those anymore. The data gathering method respectively: crawling, reading their JSON report, and finally parsing their godawfully formatted PDF reports. That was fun.
  • ...And as a good citizen of the internets, is very happy to share. No need to crawl this page (if you happen to be into that sort of thing) - please, help yourself to the nicely JSON-formatted data, so you won't have to do the nasty parsing stuff I had to :D
  • And if you do, please drop me a line on twitter to let me know how you used it :) Or whatever, don't use it, say hi anyway :D

I will add a few more things here, stay tuned. The ECDC dataset is particularly nice.

What's with the dog?

The dog in the logo is the inspiration for this whole thing, along with the admittedly stupid name.

Original source

Sometimes, doing it doesn't need any special reasons :D

Inspiration can also take the form of a silly dog meme and make you do something (debatably) useful.